EU to share air passenger data with US, despite German concerns

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EU interior ministers have approved a deal that will allow US authorities to access personal data of European air passengers for up to 15 years. The agreement comes despite privacy concerns from Austria and Germany.

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  • Heinrich posted:

    on 15th December 2011, 02:19:43 - Reply

    JR Bailey,

    Your most sincere hope is that all bases and ports with US military personnel will be closed down. and all troops will be sent back to the US.
    My question is : What is your hope about the US plan to build US military base in Darwin as Darwin is close to Papua?


    God is with us, innocent people.
  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 14th December 2011, 13:34:01 - Reply


    Thank you for your anti-American bigotry and hatred: your response is why so many Americans want to pull EVERY American military base and port out of Europe as soon as possible; we're TIRED of paying our hard earned tax dollars all these decades long past to keep you Western Europeans from being forced to learn to speak Russian.

    It is my most sincere hope that all bases and ports with US military personnel will be close down, all our troops sent back to the US and THEN bigoted and arrogant Europeans can start pay another 30% in taxes as European Nations are required to build up their militaries to replace the vacuum left by American Forces.....

    Enjoy the extra taxes...and oh yes, it might not hurt to pick up a Conversational Russian language program as well as either an Arabic language program or a Turkish language program....and of course, a copy of the Qur'an......

    Cheers from an American.
  • Maria posted:

    on 14th December 2011, 11:43:25 - Reply

    Perhaps we should have a list of all the American citizens coming into Europe too. Personally, we don't travel to the dreadful place anymore since they frisk you at immigration with shepherd dogs. Only last week an elderly woman was strip-search at JFKennedy airport and a German executive from Mercedes Benz was unfairly jailed so my advice to all Europeans is not to travel to the United States there is nothing there to see except malls and we have plenty of those here.