EU tightens sanctions against Iran

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The European Union decided Thursday to tighten sanctions against Iran. In response to controversial nuclear activities in the country, the foreign ministers of the EU blacklisted 180 people and companies.

Those affected are suspected of being directly involved in Iran's nucleear development programme. They will have their assets in the EU frozen and be forbidden to enter the union. Other possible measures are also being considered, including sanctions against the country’s financial and transport sectors as well as the oil industry. However, a boycott of Iranian oil was rejected.

“We must be sure that such a measure will be effective,” said Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal. “We want to direct action to the heart of the authorities, not the people.”

The EU wants to increase pressure on Iran to prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon. International atomic watchdog IAEA has already confirmed the country’s military is involved with nuclear technologies.

Earlier in the week, Iranian demonstrators stormed the British embassy in Tehran in protest over that country’s sanctions against Iran. Minister Rosenthal has since ordered the Dutch ambassador in Iran to return to Holland for talks.

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