Dutchman claims North Pole

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A Dutchman has registered a personal claim on the icecap and is inviting others to join him.

12 December 2007

AMERONGEN - 43-year-old Harald van Reenen from Amerongen has become the first individual in the world to claim the North Pole.

He registered his request to own the site two months ago with the US Library of Congress in Washington DC.

Van Reenen is up against the countries of Russia, the US, Denmark, Canada and Norway, whom he also informed of his action.

Van Reenen expects that ownership of the North Pole will be granted sometime this century.

Possession of the site has only now become interesting. Scientists have long claimed that an immeasurable wealth of oil, natural gas and precious metals is to be found under the icecap. These riches have always been inaccessible, but if the icecaps continue to melt because of global warming then drilling for oil and gas will be possible, Van Reenen says.

Librarian Van Reenen hopes that as many people as possible will join his claim, which he has called the International People's Claim to the North Pole.

Anyone who joins can buy a virtual piece of the North Pole for EUR 15. Every buyer automatically becomes a party to the claim.

"The chance that we will win out from the countries is not great, but we can at least try. And if it succeeds, then everyone will be instantly rich," the Amerongen resident says.

"Moreover it is just fun to fantasise about what might happen with your share in the only citizens' claim in the world."

Van Reenen has had to pay to register his claim in the US and to launch his website (giantclaim.com).

He hopes to make some money from the sale of "pieces of the North Pole." "Part of my inspiration comes from the man who sold shares in the universe. He made USD 3 million from that. I would like that too of course. But aside from that I am very serious about this claim," he stresses.

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