Dutch woman seeks claims over 1989 incest case

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A woman is suing the state for forcefully taking her away from her father and placing her in foster care when she was three.

Rotterdam – A 20-year-old case of unproven incest has prompted one of its assumed victims to start a legal procedure against the state.

In an interview with Rotterdam’s local TV station, RTV Rijnmond, Elise Watts said she is demanding a formal apology and compensation for her suffering as a child.

Back in 1989, Watts, along with 13 other children at a day-care centre were thought to be abused by their fathers and were placed into foster care by Child Protection Agency.

The Bolderkar centre was in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam.

The case was prompted by a therapist who treated an aggressive three-year-old girl at the Bolderkar centre. The therapist concluded the girl must have been abused by her father and raised the alarm.

No one was every convicted as the evidence against the men, which was based on disputed psychological tests, was thrown out by a court in The Hague.

Watts was three when she was forcibly separated from her father and placed into foster care. The 25-year-old woman said the experience traumatised her.

A spokesperson for the Bolderkar told the press the case is extraordinary, but declined to give any further comment. The state's legal representative has yet to comment on the case.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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