Dutch tourist survivor out of hospital

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The Dutch woman who was found on Wednesday after spending 18 days lost in the mountains of southern Spain has discharged herself from hospital in Malaga.

Mary-Anne Goossens 48 survived by drinking from a mountain stream. She was found in a severely weakened state having had no food for the two and a half weeks she was lost. Spanish doctors have now given her the all-clear after a series of tests and Ms Goossens was eager to leave hospital and move to a hotel.

She was on holiday by herself but her son and daughter flew out to Spain after she was found to be with her after her ordeal. Their mother is said to want rest and says she will be going to bed early. The family will not be making the journey back to the Netherlands before the weekend.

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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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  • John Middelkoop posted:

    on 10th July 2011, 17:47:51 - Reply

    Traveling with a companion, a compass and a cell phone in situations like this will go a long way.

    Take care of your health: