Dutch to downsize development aid

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The cabinet will on Friday discuss a proposal by Deputy Development Cooperation Minister Ben Knapen to drastically reduce the number of countries receiving Dutch development aid.

The Netherlands currently has development ties with more than 30 countries. Mr Knapen wants to reduce that number to less than 16 and preferably no more than 10.

According to information recently leaked to the press, Mr Knapen wants to end development aid to Bolivia, Tanzania, Zambia, Suriname, Egypt, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Guatemala, Kosovo, Moldavia, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Senegal.

After the cabinet has made a decision, the proposal must be submitted to parliament. Some MPs have said they want to continue development cooperation with Egypt because of the country’s pivotal role in recent developments in the region. There are also doubts about Pakistan because of its importance to the situation in Afghanistan.




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