Dutch terrorist suspect goes missing in Morocco

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Suspected would-be terrorist Saddek Sbaa has disappeared after travelling from the Netherlands to Morocco. His lawyer Flip Schüller broke the news, saying he feared his client had been picked up in secret by the Moroccan authorities.

Mr Sbaa, who has lived in the Netherlands since he was five, was one of four men arrested in the summer of 2009 in Kenya near the border with Somalia. Dutch prosecutors believed the men were heading for a Somali training camp for Muslim extremists.

Mr Schüller says that, after a year-long investigation, absolutely no evidence had been unearthed linking his client with terrorism. “He was simply on holiday in Kenya; everything points to that. He was following a tourism route, escorted by guides and even the police,” according to the lawyer.

Mr Sbaa, who is now 23, went of his own volition to Morocco on 4 November. His residence permit had been rescinded because of the terrorism allegations and he was being held in the terrorism unit at Vught prison in the Netherlands. Mr Scüller says his client could not bear the unit’s tough detention regime any longer.

A Dutch court had earlier ordered the Immigration and Naturalisation Service not to expel Mr Sbaa from the country, saying he could be at risk abroad.



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