Dutch teenage sailor contemplated suicide

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Fourteen-year-old Dutch solo sailor Laura Dekker contemplated suicide when authorities continued to block her around-the-world attempt, her grandmother has told daily .

Grandma Riek, whose book about Laura's trials and tribulations was published on Thursday, said the family were very worried last year when the thwarted sailor girl absconded to St Maarten in the Caribbean.

The paper quotes Laura as saying "The time before I decided to run away and when I tried to slash my wrist was the hardest. I did not want to hurt anyone else, so I hurt myself. I really felt that I wanted to die. But heck, I couldn't do that to my family. So given the choice between death and disappearance, it was: off to St Maarten." Laura managed to book a plane and fly to the island on her own in December 2009. She was spotted by a member of the public after a few days.

When the Netherlands' Child Care Bureau finally lifted its objections to Laura's solo trip, having ascertained that she was well-prepared, she set out on her record-breaking attempt on her sailing vessel Guppy from Gibraltar. Laura Dekker wants to become the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe alone.

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