Dutch suspicions of terrorist dry run remain

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One of the two Yemeni men arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is being suspected of preparing terror attacks and arson, according to his lawyer, Dutchman Klaas-Arjen Krikke.

Nothing is known about any accusations against the second man. Both are being interrogated by the National Investigative Police. The Public Prosecutor's office has announced it will make a statement later on Tuesday, at 14:00 UTC.

The lawyer questions the reasons for the men's arrest. "The suspicious items were spotted in the US in a suitcase of which it's not certain whether it belongs to my client. And were these items really dangerous? The US authorities had already checked the luggage before the men boarded the plane, so I assume they found no danger."

US media speculated that the men were carrying out a "dry run" for a terror attack, testing airport security. Terror expert Glenn Schoen told public broadcaster NOS that his suspicions were raised by by the men travelling together, had double bookings, were flying without any luggage - their suitcases were confiscated in Chicago - and carried lots of cash. "It suggests that more people were involved."

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