Dutch students involved in EUR 80m housing scam

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As many as 40,000 students claim to live away from home so they can receive an extra allowance of nearly EUR 2,000 a year.

The Netherlands – Thousands of students in the Netherlands have falsely registered as living in digs in order to get extra allowances for living expenses, reports De Telegraaf Wednesday.

The massive fraud perpetrated by students and their parents are believed to cost more than EUR 80 million in housing subsidies, said the Labour Party.

Students would simply register the address of a relative as their new accommodation and pocket the cash. Each student receives a grant of EUR 1,920 per year for living away from home.

"It's mass fraud and is hugely on the increase. The fact that no one gets caught or has to pay anything back means it's becoming a normal thing to do," said a Labour MP.

Figures show that, out of 250,000 students officially living in digs, at least 40,000 are registered fraudulently.

The Labour Party added that when cases of students lying are exposed, the authorities also failed to prosecute the culprits and merely shelve the information.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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