Dutch store caught dumping illegal waste

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The Dutch Environmental Ministry (VROM) starts crackdown on illegal dumping.

The HAGUE—Inspectors from the Environment Ministry (VROM) have ended the illegal dumping of electronic waste by a major Dutch store chain.

The Ministry, which refuses to reveal the identity of the chain in question, discovered a container full of broken deep-frying pans, water cookers and other electronic waste in the port of Amsterdam.

The container was about to be shipped to Ghana. The Ghanaian exporter bought the shipment without the proper documentation from a trader who in turn bought if from the store chain.

The inspectorate, which will bring charges against the store chain, the trader and the exporter, has announced it wants to crack down on recycling companies, recycled goods shops and collectors of electronics waste that violate environmental laws.

Every year tons of waste are shipped from the Netherlands to developing countries. Under the law, electronic waste should be properly recycled before it is ready for shipment. Simply shipping waste to foreign countries where it is dumped leads to environmental and health problems in those countries.

Radio Netherlands/Expatica

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