Dutch statesmen oppose talks with anti-Islam party

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Senior Dutch Christian Democrats want their party to break off coalition negotiations with Geert Wilders' anti-Islam party.

In an open letter they say that a coalition government relying on Mr Wilders' support will endanger the country's fundamental civil rights. The party elders, including former MPs and mayors, strongly object to proposals put forward by Mr Wilders' Freedom Party which would put equal treatment and freedom of religion at risk.

"The Freedom Party is stigmatising a considerable minory, making them the scapegoat for practically all problems in our society. The Freedom Party is not only threatening the freedoms of Muslims, but the rule of law as a whole, and therefore it's threatening the freedoms of us all," the Christian Democrats wrote in the letter, published in daily Trouw and online.

After the 9 June general elections, the Christian Democrats are attempting to form a centre-right minority coalition with the free-market liberal VVD party. Geert Wilders' Freedom party would be the sleeping partner of the government coalition, supporting it in parliament but not having any ministers in the cabinet.

VVD polled 20 percent of the votes, the Freedom party 16 and the Christian Democrats 14.

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  • Tonnis Visser Hoek. posted:

    on 14th August 2010, 04:42:13 - Reply

    Mr. Wilders seems to represent the opinion of one million vijf hundred thousand legitimate Dutch voters and should as such be accepted as
    a representative of those citizens.
    An attempt to disqualify Mr. Wilders should therefore follow legitimate
    rules and regulations as laid down by law instead of descending into
    throwing dirt and unfounded accusations.