Dutch spend 65 million on fireworks

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The Dutch are predicted to spend 65 million euros on fireworks to set off over the New Year. Fireworks sellers are prepared for a busy day today, and last minute buyers are willing to queue for hours.

In the Netherlands fireworks are only allowed to go on sale in the three days leading up to the New Year. There are 1600 sales points which all have to meet strict regulations for a licence.

At first sales were slow, but they soon picked up. The Dutch consumer association for fireworks says purchases of decorative fireworks are up, while noisy fireworks have dropped 40 percent in some shops. Two years ago, it was the bangers that were the most popular.

Officially people are only allowed to set off fireworks between 10 pm and 2 a.m. on New Year's night in the Netherlands. However, it is a rule that is blatently flaunted, and fireworks are set off much of the day on New Year's Eve.



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