Dutch soldiers leaving for Afghanistan

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On Wednesday, 70 Dutch military personnel will be leaving for Afghanistan to prepare for the Dutch mission to train Afghan police in Kunduz province. They will be constructing buildings where the Dutch soldiers and police officers will live and work.

Although the preparatory work for the mission has started, it is still not sure when the police training work will begin in earnest. Dutch personnel will begin getting experience in sometime in the summer, when they will also work with Afghan police officers who have already received basic training.


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  • Dan Max posted:

    on 23rd April 2011, 03:06:43 - Reply

    Dutch to take Afghan cadets on patrol
    Published on : 21 April 2011 - 4:16pm
    The first group of Dutch police trainers to be deployed in the Afghan province of Kunduz in July will immediately start taking their trainees on patrol.

    The 165 Dutch soldiers and military police officers will form small groups to accompany Afghan police officers during their 10 weeks of practical training. The basic training course for police cadets will start in January 2012.
    The Green Left and the Christian Union parties, who helped the government approve the mission, have demanded that the trainees be followed to ensure theyre only involved in civilian duties and do not engage Taliban militants in fighting.

    That dont make any sense.
    have you ever seen the Dutch Police?
    They obviously are not the best nor fit for those jobs in The Netherlands, if one would check or see how things have turned in the country itself, in terms of rise of Nazism, antisemitism, people getting shoot by Muslim Police Officers in Utrecht for example and not defending Geert Wilders or Gay people, meaning total absentism or co Nazism, antisemitism and Muslim terrorism of the Dutch Intelligence and Military police, or at least least competent and qualified.
    Their Left and Right wing Nazi fanatics, with Muslim officers, what are they supposed to train the Afghans about? How to fight Israel?
    Or is it just another plan to deploy them back as Immigrants and Co Nazis back in The Netherlands!
    These Dutch units in 2011 should already be under investigations by Anti-terrorism Units and our government, in addition to The EU Nato and UN. They also did not fully support us since 08, and apart from their current state joined the ranks of our war least supporting nations like France and Canada, who did not send troops.

    Not to Mention it being passed from Christian party coalitions who are Anti-Zionists refusing the entry of Israeli settlement delegations. As an American who supported both wards Iraq and Afghanistan, I should say we should have stopped these developments, as they endanger our interest, war and continuous support for Israel and Israel's peace as well as America, and trained them ourselves.