Dutch scientists win award for IVF research

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Scientists from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam won a European prize for their study of the EmbryoScope, an incubator that helps doctors select the most viable embryos for IVF treatments. The winning researchers called their work “the future of IVF.” 

Using the EmbryoScope, embryos may be monitored without removing them from a protected environment. Every 20 minutes the device takes a photograph of the developing cells. By analysing the pictures, doctors can select the most viable eggs without examining them under a microscope.

This saves the fragile cells from being subjected to changes in pH levels, temperature fluctuations and light. In this way, EmbryoScope helps preserve the quality of embryos and increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. 

Ready for use This is the third time the Erasmus Medical Centre has won the prize, give by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology ESHRE. During the award presentation, IVF analyst Jeroen Speksnijder said the EmbryoScope is ready for clinical use in the Netherlands.

“In Spain, Denmark and Sweden they already use the EmbryoScope,” he said. “We are the first in the Netherlands to use the device and we have confirmed it can be used for patient samples.” 

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