Dutch ritual slaughter ban on Jewish agenda

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The likely Dutch ban on the slaughter of animals which have not first been rendered unconscious is high on the agenda of the biannual convention of the Conference of European Rabbis CER being held in Warsaw. The proposed ban would outlaw the Jewish method of ritual slaughter.

Polish Rabbi Michael Schudrich describes the draft Dutch law as “a major misunderstanding”. He defends the 4,000-year-old kosher method of slaughter as “one of the most human methods of killing an animal – it dies within seconds”.

He argues that the proposed legislation is more to do with the social problems concerning minority groups in the Netherlands than with the animal welfare aspects of ritual slaughter. “Although no one is saying the Netherlands resembles Nazi Germany, this is certainly bringing back extremely bad memories,” he adds.

The draft law, put forward by the Animal Rights Party PvdD, will in effect ban Jewish kosher and Islamic halal ritual slaughter. The proposed legislation sailed through the Dutch Lower House earlier this year but has not yet been debated in the Senate.

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  • waltter barfoot posted:

    on 2nd November 2011, 18:55:47 - Reply

    People which practish such evil should never complaine obout the evil which they lived though.and stop being hypacrits
  • Steve posted:

    on 2nd November 2011, 12:30:03 - Reply

    Maybe they should investigate the method properly on a test group of rabbis to see if it is truly humane.

    Everything faintly critical of Jews is always compared by them to the holocaust!
    This method is a very effective weapon to get their own way.
    Disagree with me and you must be a Nazi because I'm a Jew!