Dutch return stolen head of Ghanaian king

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The head of an executed 19th-century Ghanaian king will be returned to Ghana from the Dutch hospital where it was being kept, Education Minister Ronald Plasterk told the press on Friday.

LEIDEN - The head was discovered four years ago in the archives of Leiden University by author Arthur Japin who was researching a book about the life of two Ghanaian princes in the Netherlands.

Mr Japin informed the Ghanaian ambassador about his discovery, upon which Ghana demanded the return of the missing head in October 2008.

From the mid-17th century until 1872 the Dutch had a number of fortified trading posts along the Ghanaian coast, protected by Dutch garrisons.

King Badu Bonsu II was hanged by Dutch colonialists in 1838 during a punitive expedition. They cut off the king's head and sent it to the Netherlands.

Arthur Japin's book is available in English as The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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