Dutch residence permits too expensive

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The Netherlands is charging people from non-EU countries too much for their residence permits, according to the advocate general of the European Court of Justice.

The case was brought by the European Commission, which says Dutch residence permit fees are excessive. European Union law allows member states a lot of freedom to determine how much they charge for residence permits. But the advocate general said the fee should not be so high as to deter people because they can’t afford it.

The difference between Dutch fees for permits for EU residents and for people from other parts of the world is also too great, the advocate general concluded. It would appear that the Netherlands is attempting to prevent non-EU residents from obtaining residence permits, he said.

The advocate general’s recommendation is not binding, but the Court of Justice generally abides by it. The court is likely to deliver a ruling before the summer.

Immigration Minister Gerd Leers regards the advocate general’s recommendation as significant, a spokesperson said, but no action will be taken before the Court of Justice delivers its ruling. At present the fees are not actually high enough to cover costs, the spokesman added, and every effort is made to keep the charges as low as possible.



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  • homer jones posted:

    on 25th January 2012, 12:04:27 - Reply

    So come on Expatica. Break away from your subsidized by everyone mentality. Time to get down and dirty on this!

    And BTW don't use "0" in captcha! Can you figure out why?
  • David Gibbs posted:

    on 25th January 2012, 11:43:25 - Reply

    I have just received my 5 yearly 'renewal' letter for my 'permanent' residence permit - for not the first time, though now with a mention (though no amount is actually mentioned) that I now have to pay for the privilege. What a cheek. Another bureaucratic nightmare invented by civil servants,
  • Homer Jones posted:

    on 25th January 2012, 11:27:05 - Reply

    Isn't about time that Expatica does a roundup of exactly how many immigration cases the Dutch Government has lost in the last 10 years with details?

    IMHO they are serially breaking the law and cynically forcing private citizens to repeatedly take them to court.