Dutch reject EU-US air passenger data plan

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The Netherlands objects to agreements between the EU and the United States on the provision of air passenger data. The EU should renegotiate with the US, said Dutch Deputy Justice Minsiter Fred Teeven on Monday.

The US wants to use passenger data for fighting crimes that qualify for a minimum one year prison sentence. They also want to keep data for up to 15 years. The US says they will use the data to better fight terrorism.

According to the minister, who is currently in Poland, the existing agreement between the EU and the US does not fall under the definition of “transnational crime.” 

The Netherlands itself stores passenger data, however the information relates to crimes that face a four year prison sentence. Additionally, that data is only kept for five years. 

Other EU countries supported Minister Teveen’s objections. The European Commission must now resume negotiations with the US. 

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