Dutch prison warders face aggression from colleagues too

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Health and safety inspections conducted at 31 prisons, clinic and centres show many prison warders face aggression from inmates and colleagues.

16 July 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Health and safety inspections show many prison warders face aggression not only from inmates but also from colleagues.

The inspections took place in prisons, high-security clinics, detention and deportation centres.

They show that half of all warders suffer regular stress and one in four faces provocation, harassment or insults on a daily or weekly basis.

One in six is verbally threatened or intimidated daily or weekly.

The aggression is mostly from inmates but other warders and managers are also blamed.

Health and safety inspectors described as disappointing the fact that many of the institutions visited did too little to counter aggression.

However, it was stressed that the facilities were not representative. Out of a total of 79 institutions, inspectors visited the 31 where staff had already expressed dissatisfaction.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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