Dutch populists want minaret ban

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The populist Freedom Party PVV wants a referendum to be held on whether or not the construction of new minarets on mosques in the Netherlands should be banned.

PVV leader Geert Wilders put forward draft legislation on Wednesday to clear the way for a plebiscite. “Minarets are a painful sight,” he says. “They are towers of an advancing desert ideology.” He points out that a referendum on the issue was held in Switzerland and that a majority voted for such a ban.”

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  • Vish posted:

    on 22nd September 2011, 15:33:06 - Reply

    I agree with Sandy's comments. I want Netherlands to be what it is now. Dutch are friendly, welcoming and have respect to their fellow other country citizens. But they should not encourage someone who wants to set their own rules and dominate the locals which ultimately diminishes peace. When you have come all the way for shelter and better life, then try to integrate with the culture rather than dominating.
  • Sandy posted:

    on 22nd September 2011, 10:57:25 - Reply

    Anyone who would reject the idea of a minaret ban in Holland is not being reasonable. Why support the building of another victory mosque in your town rather than give that property to a Dutch business ? Think about what those minarets stand for : they are the brazon voice of a "religion" that brings a clashing and backward culture to your society . A culture that wants to impose inhumane religious rules on us . Church bells are not often heard anymore and since they represent the religion of most of the European people they are usualy welcomed. Are you Dutch ? If you are , stand up for Wilders; he wants to preserve Holland and it's Dutch landscape and atmosphere. He makes more sense than the rest of the spineless paliamentarians. They love to lay down and let burqa army walk all over them.
  • quest

    on 21st September 2011, 23:29:04 - Reply

    Let's ban all those noisey church bells and high steeples from christian churches too (joking). “They are towers of an advancing swampland ideology.”