Dutch police trainers waiting to start mission

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Dutch police trainers in the Afghan Province of Kunduz have carried out their first patrol according to the Dutch Defence Ministry. At a 'checkpoint’ they met some of the Afghan police officers who they will be training.

Up to now Dutch patrols had been accompanied by German or US soldiers. The Dutch troops arrived in Kunduz in early July.

Public broadcaster NOS reported on Sunday that trainers are complaining that the mission is a “logistic disaster”. Essential equipment including shrapnel vests has not arrived and only two out of the twenty interpreters they required have turned up.

The Ministry of Defence admits there are logistic problems and that the trainers will have to wait a couple of weeks before they can begin. One soldier is quoted on the NOS website "That means we can work for one month, because in October we will hand over to our successors."

The soldiers say it is a lost year because they have been training for the mission since the spring and now that they are in Afghanistan that cannot do anything.  

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