Dutch police to use electric shock weapon for a year

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The Dutch police will be given one year to try out the controversial electric shock weapons.

11 August 2008

THE NETHERLANDS – The Dutch police will begin a one-year trial of a controversial electric shock weapon in 2009.

Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst has given police permission to use the weapon, better known by its trade name Taser, during the arrest of aggressive suspects.

Amnesty International has expressed its doubts about the Taser, which can deliver a shock of up 50,000 volts. The human rights organisation says no-one has yet demonstrated conclusively that the weapon is safe.

In the United States, Canada and Great Britain, where the Taser has been in use for several years, more than 200 people have died after being shocked with it.

The Dutch Board of Police Commissioners, however, says the weapon delivers no more damage than, for example, a dog bite.

Once the trials are complete, a decision will be taken as to whether the Taser becomes standard police equipment.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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