Dutch police prevent Egyptian from setting himself alight

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Dutch police said Wednesday they had stopped a man of Egyptian descent from setting himself on fire outside his country's embassy in The Hague.

The man, 52, was spotted by police on patrol with a banner outside the embassy building around 1300 GMT, a statement said.

"When police came near him, they saw the man dousing himself with a liquid," possibly spirits, it said. "The agents overpowered the man as he was trying to set himself on fire using a lighter."

He was sprayed with a fire extinguisher and taken to a police station where he was put under a shower.

His motives remain unclear, said the statement.

Several people have tried to commit suicide by setting themselves alight in Egypt and other countries in the Arab world in recent days in bid to copy a Tunisian whose self-immolation sparked the revolution that ousted strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

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    Moslems out of Europe ! Except for social-engineering, multi-cultural IDIOTS, nobody wants those Weirdos.

    Get rid of them...before they take over European Nations !