Dutch police: more violent shootings

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Shootings in the Netherlands are becoming both more frequent and more violent, says one of the country’s superintendants.

According to Willem Woelders, who serves on the Council of Superintendants, over the last six months 36 people were killed in 166 shooting incidents.

In the single deadliest shooting, a gunman in Alphen aan den Rijn shot dead six people and injured 17 others, before turning his gun on himself.

Mr Woelders, speaking on television in RTL News, says he has no ready explanation for the increase in the number of shootings. But one possible cause, he adds, could be the fact that Europe no longer has any internal borders, which makes it easier to get a gun.

The police say they intend to tackle the growing violence by deploying their heavily armed arrest teams earlier and in a more effective fashion.


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