Dutch party wants same euro veto as Germany

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The conservative VVD, senior party in the coalition government, wants the Dutch parliament to have the same level of authority over the EFSF European emergency fund as Germany's Bundestag.

VVD MP Mark Harbers made a statement to this effect in parliament on Wednesday. At a recent summit of EU finance ministers, Germany - the fund’s main financial backer - secured the right to veto the fund’s decisions.

Mr Harbers wants a similar arrangement for the Netherlands “not to be intentionally difficult, but to give parliament a say.” He says he wants to ensure EU member states which receive money from the fund do not give their own interpretation to EU demands for budget cuts and reforms.

He added that, as an added advantage, Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager would be able to hint at a possible parliamentary veto during negotiations in Brussels .

The opposition Labour Party is concerned about the special rights secured by the Bundestag. The party fears it will lead to “an impossible situation". The Christian Democrats, junior partner in the coalition government with the VVD, have expressed concerns about possible delays in making loans available to member states.

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    They can want what they want, but they ain't gonna get it. NL just isn't important enough.