Dutch parliament debates electronic travel card fraud

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The Dutch parliament is holding an emergency debate on Thursday afternoon on electronic travel card fraud on public transport.

Reports in the media earlier this week revealed that fraudulent use of the anonymous version of the electronic payment card OV chip card is relatively easy. Using a special reader and a computer programme, travellers can increase the amount given on their card without actually transferring money to it.

In response to the allegations, Trans Link Systems, the company that designed the card, said this was nothing new and all cases were reported to the police.

However, an IT journalist showed that it is even possible to surpass the station's scanners making it impossible to detect the fraud.

MPs want an explanation from Infrastructure Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen. They also have reservations about the planned introduction of the so-called OV chip cards in the Province of South Holland on 3 February. This is the date the old paper ticket system is due to be scrapped.

Public transport operators Connexxion and HTM say they intend to go ahead with the introduction and will not accept paper tickets.

Electronic travel passes have already been introduced elsewhere in the Netherlands.


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  • stuart577 posted:

    on 1st February 2011, 15:57:17 - Reply

    I am not a tourist, a resident, though be it from another land.The tourist should be thought of we do want people to again come to our place?
    Agree, often some within do things in haste, without the full consequences and never look after. And with your distinct problem, can't you say to the manager what happened, or as often they look the other way as if nothing occurred.
  • amanda posted:

    on 27th January 2011, 18:42:36 - Reply

    No Stuart577, it is NOT great to have such a system, has with many things here in Holland, this was rushed through without insight into future problems,the OV card is more expensive than the old system, a hindrence for elderly people, and as happened to me , the chip was damaged in my anonymous card, which resulted in me being late for work and not being able to claim back 45 euro that was on it because it was not a personal card!! has for you tourists, you buy 1 hour cards, which works out very expensive if you plan to spend the day sightseeing.
  • stuart577 posted:

    on 27th January 2011, 12:48:05 - Reply

    It is great to have such a system, however, what of the people from outside Holland what are they to do? Do they think there will be none? And what of the fraud problem what are they to do?