Dutch parents want schools to be stricter

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Over 80 percent want their children's teachers to be stricter and the school to be more orderly.

The Netherlands – Over 50 percent of Dutch parents believes their children’s schools are not bringing out the best of their kids whereas 80 percent want stricter teachers, shows a survey.

The poll, conducted by JM voor Ouders magazine, reveals half of surveyed parents whose kids are in primary or secondary schools think the institutions are not bringing out the best in their children.

The survey was filled out by 500 respondents.

Eighty percent of parents would like to see a return of the strict but fair teacher.

Over 60 percent think that teachers should not be addressed by their first names and while 56 percent call for the reinstatement of disciplinary actions.

Parents also want school to focus more on factual knowledge such as spelling, grammar, arithmetic and maths.

The survey also asked parents to rate the schools their children are in on a scale of zero to 10. On average, primary schools are rated 6.7 while secondary schools are rated 6.5.

In a reaction to the magazine's findings, deputy education Minister Marja van Bijsterveld said all schools should aim for a rating of 8.

This recent survey finding is a stark contrast to a nationwide survey by Centron and DBMI released last week. The older survey reports while 85 percent of parents are satisfied with their children's schools, most of them want the institutes to do more to stop bullying and to improve hygiene standards.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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