Dutch opposition tries to limit shopping Sundays

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The opposition Socialist Party and the Christian SGP want fewer shops to be opened on Sunday.

4 November 2008

THE HAGUE - Two parties in the Dutch parliament have presented a bill to combat the increase in the number of shopping Sundays.

The opposition Socialist Party (SP) and the Christian SGP are calling for a more critical evaluation of the criteria used by municipalities to allow shops to open on Sunday.

The national law allows a maximum of 12 Sundays per year during which the shops may be open. However, some local authorities have used a loophole in the current shopping Sunday laws, bringing the number of stores opened on Sunday to almost 160.

Only municipalities that have a significant number of tourist visitors are permitted to allow Sunday shopping throughout the year.

The bill by the two parties calls for Sunday shop permits to be approved by the Economic Affairs Minister.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Philip posted:

    on 7th November 2008, 12:45:39 - Reply

    Oh my, backward people. Do you want us to spend our cash and feed your economy or not? Don't dictate to us when shops should open, in my opinion shops ought to be open whenever the shop owner(s) which to open, and sundays is a great day for shops to opoen, if this is some veiled 'Sunday is Gods day' Nonsense that Christians want to force upon us non believers then please go and find a fascist country to pontificate your ridiculous sky god ethics too.
  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 5th November 2008, 12:59:29 - Reply

    And one must continue to suffer in the dark ages no fun on Sundays! WTF??? why must one not choose if they want ot shop on Sundays does the government really have to decide this for us?