Dutch nursing homes failing

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Nursing homes are unable to offer reasonable care as cuts in staffing levels take its toll.

15 May 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Cuts in staffing levels mean that too many Dutch nursing homes are failing to offer reasonable care, reports De Volkskrant.

The paper also reports residents' relatives complaining of being fobbed off by management who have to concentrate on bureaucracy.

The paper's lead covers comments made by the chairwoman of an organisation representing 400,000 nursing-home staff.

She says: "We're deeply ashamed not to be able to offer the sort of care we'd like to provide....Managers are busy dealing with procedures. Then there's even more paperwork, but no senior carers looking after residents."

She is also in favour of complaints in the nursing sector being dealt with by the national ombudsman: "Nursing-home committees are not always independent and the inspection service is not well enough staffed to investigate all the potential problems," she explains.

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