Dutch never before this gloomy

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The Dutch have never before been so gloomy about their financial future. One third expect their situation will deteriorate in the next 12 months. During the financial crisis of late 2008 that percentage was at just 20 percent.

The above figures were published by the Social and Cultural Planning Office SCP in its quarterly report s based on a survey it conducted among 1,000 citizens between 4 October and 2 November.

The sharpest decline in expectations regarding their financial future was recorded among those with little formal education, where about 40 percent expected a downswing, compared to 20 percent in the previous quarter.

Those with an above-average income were the least negative in their expectations: 23 percent foresaw a deterioration compared to 18 percent in the previous period.

Concerns about the Dutch economy are also growing. More than two-thirds of Dutch citizens expect the economy to take a turn for the worse this year. Sentiments regarding the European Union remain negative, mainly because of the EU debt crisis. The percentage of people satisfied with the state of European politics stalled at 39.


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