Dutch more environmentally conscious

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The economic crisis appears to have made Dutch people more environmentally conscious. The Milieu Centraal Environment Centre Stage website attracted a record number of visitors, 3.1 million, in 2010. This was a 10-percent increase on 2009. Most people are interested in saving energy costs in the home, with more questions on heat insulation than about anything else. Of all the Dutch subsidies which were once on offer for insulating houses, only one remains. Until 1 July 2011, a lower tariff of six percent BTW tax VAT will be charged on labour costs for double-glazing or other forms of warmth-insulation.

Although 50 percent of the website’s visitors say they want to do something for the environment, the economic crisis has definitely pushed people towards being more environmentally conscious. The struggling housing market, for example, has led many to make energy-saving investments in the hope of making their homes more attractive to potential buyers.


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