Dutch minister to launch child sex tourism hotline

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Dutch tourists are encouraged to report their counterparts if they suspect them of committing child sex tourism.

The Hague – Dutch justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin announces plan to launch a nationwide campaign to combat child sex tourism among Dutch tourists abroad.

In an interview with free newspaper Spits, the minister said the campaign will allow Dutch tourists to report their counterparts if they suspect the latter of sexually abusing children.

'It is a serious offence to sexually abuse children at holiday destinations and tourists should be aware of it'’ said Ballin. "We need to make it clear that child sex tourism cannot be tolerated."

The campaign is not intended for Dutch tourists abroad to play private detective. Instead, it aims to highlight what tourists should look out for and where they can report abuses.

Tourists who encounter cases of child abuse while holidaying should report to the anonymous hotline, Anonymous Crime Report, or the military police at Schiphol.

Ballin also called on the travel industry to provide information on how child sex tourism is being exploited outside of the Netherlands.

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