Dutch minister taken to task over Iranian hanging

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Dutch MPs will be asking whether Foreign Minister Uri Rosentahl tried hard enough to prevent the execution of Dutch-Iranian Zahra Bahrami in Teheran. The minister will face the Lower House in a debate on Thursday.

Ms Bahrami was hanged last Saturday, having been found guilty of drugs trafficking and possession of drugs. The death penalty was executed before a second case was heard in which Iranian authorities had accused her of sedition.

Immediately after the execution Minister Rosenthal said that all opportunities to support Ms Bahrami had been seized, and that every possible means was used. He said the execution was a shameful act by a barbaric regime, and ordered all diplomatic contacts with Iran to be suspended.

Iranian protesters outside parliament in The Hague said on Monday that the minister's reaction was "merely symbolic" and "too weak", claiming that Iran had lied about the legal proceedings against Ms Bahrami.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Ms Bahrami was convicted for drugs offences in the Netherlands in 2003.


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  • RobertMWeaver posted:

    on 4th February 2011, 10:19:15 - Reply

    Those who have followed this story know that Rosenthal failed miserably on this one. The Iranian government out maneuvered the Dutch government by charging the woman with a trumped-up drug charge instead of a suspicious-looking political crime.

    Iran's talking point won the day in the international press. Dutch government was too little, too late at every stage.