Dutch leftwing parties: higher tax for rich

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Labour, the Socialist Party and the Green Left Party have launched a joint call for a higher tax rate on high incomes as part of a plan for “clever, solidary, green investments.”

The party leaders launched their plea in Dutch daily de Volkskrant but did not indicate how much they wanted to raise the highest tack bracket, which currently stands at 52 percent. Recent calculations suggest an increase of just one percent could see the state coffers swell by 400 million euros.

The leftwing parties accuse the centre-right government of sitting by idly when concrete action is urgently needed. The leftwing plan also calls for the introduction of part-time unemployment, a stimulus package for the construction of low-energy homes and increased reliance on renewable energy.

The plan calls for the creation of more jobs by converting office buildings into homes for first-time owners and by bringing forward maintenance on the Afsluitdijk, the Ijsselmeer causeway between the provinces of North Holland and Friesland.

Last year the leftwing parties held a joint gathering calling for “A different Holland” but failed to agree a set of common policy goals. cl

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