Dutch internet users keen on security software

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No other country in the European Union can boast such widespread use of internet security software as the Netherlands.

Nearly all Dutch internet users 96 percent have virus scanners, anti-spam software or firewalls installed on their computers and regularly update these security measures.


Statistics Netherlands, the Dutch statistics office, released these figures on Monday. Within the European Union there is only one other country, Finland, where more than 90 percent of internet users have security software installed on their computers. The EU-wide average is at 84 percent.

Eighty percent of Dutch internet users update their security software immediately a new version becomes available; just five percent never update their software at all.

Dutch internet users generally have more problems with spam and less with computer viruses: 68 percent said they had problems with unsolicited e-mails compared to a 50 percent EU average; 23 percent said their computers had been infected with a virus compared to nearly a third in the EU as a whole.

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