Dutch intercept 19 radio-active containers from Japan

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Nineteen containers from Japan showing traces of radioactivity have been intercepted in the Dutch port of Rotterdam, Dutch health authorities said on Tuesday.

Five of the 19 containers showed radio active levels above allowed standards, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (nVWA) added.

"We have intercepted 19 containers," nVWA spokeswoman Marian Bestelink told AFP.

"We let 14 go because they showed contamination levels far below the allowed standards," of four becquerel per square centimetre, she said.

A becquerel (Bq) is the international unit used to measure radiation given off by a source.

"Five other containers were isolated because the contamination was above permittable levels," the nVWA said in a statement.

After investigation it showed the contamination level of one of the containers to be at an average of 6Bq per square centimetre.

Contamination levels on the other four containers were still being investigated, the nVWA said.

The containers would be cleaned and another reading taken. They would be released as soon as levels dropped below permittable levels.

The European Union decided on April 15 to strengthen controls to measure radio activity on board ships arriving from Japan after the tsunami and subequent nuclear disaster at Fukushima on March 11.

"Containers from Japan will be controlled for as long as necessary," the nVWA said.

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  • Trey posted:

    on 11th May 2011, 07:11:40 - Reply

    Government agencies have been measuring these levels and reporting that you don’t have to worry as everything is under complete control. However, the scientists and university students are demonstrating a different version. They are actually measuring high levels of toxic radiation in our food and water supply that are hazardous to human health. And they are increasing every day. We already that what the “experts” have told us is just not true.

    They told us in the middle of March that we had nothing to worry about with the Japanese Nuclear Reactor possibly leaking or exploding, that they had it under complete control. Those same people that were hiding the truth now want us to believe that “radiation poisoning” should be nothing to worry about for the average person.” I don’t buy it! I don't think they are really after the best interests of the "average person", and if you value you and your families health, you shouldn’t buy it either. I’d much prefer to verify radiation levels myself: http://thehealingfrequency.com/how-to-measure-radiation-geiger-detector-counter/ and be safe rather than sick or dead!