Dutch intelligence warns of spies abroad

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The Dutch Secret Service says civil servants, politicians and businessmen travelling abroad should be careful where or who they speak to.

12 November 2008
THE HAGUE - The Dutch Secret Service (AIVD) and Military Intelligence (MIVD) have published a pamphlet warning Dutch people travelling abroad to be on the lookout for spies.

The pamphlet entitled spionagerisico's bij reizen naar het buitenland (spying risks when travelling abroad) which was distributed on Tuesday, particularly targets civil servants, politicians and businessmen.

The folder points out that while the Cold War might be over, spying is on the increase in general.
The AIVD advises travellers to be discreet while discussing confidential information on planes. The pamphlet shows some examples of attractive or charming young women - really foreign spies employed by foreign intelligence services - who are adept at joining in conversations and then changing the subject matter.

The AIVD gives a list of tips for the unsuspecting traveller, for example deleting all the call records from a mobile phone or deleting files from a laptop.

Confidential information should, apparently, always be carried on board.
[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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