Dutch immigration minister wants to put illegal aliens in jail

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Immigration minister Gerd Leers says he wants to introduce legislation enabling the border police to incarcerate illegal aliens caught at the Dutch borders and to re-instate border patrols. The minister made his remarks in a reaction to a report in newspaper De Telegraaf.

In the report, the paper investigates the consequences of a ruling by the Council of State, the country's highest administrative court. The Council ruled that border patrols are illegal under the Schengen treaty on the free movement of persons and goods across the borders of EU member states.

Since the ruling, the border police have been limited to deporting illegal aliens with criminal records, who are suspected of crimes or have been declared undesirable aliens. In all other cases the police simply register the illegal alien after establishing their identity. The illegal alien is then told to leave the Netherlands, but is not detained.

Minister Leers wants the border police to be able to carry out all its duties, including the detention of illegal aliens.




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