Dutch illusionist nicked tricks

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Dutch illusionist Hans Klok has been told he can no longer use two tricks in his routine after his Belgian colleague claimed he stole them from him. If Klok ignores the court ruling he faces a 5000 euro fine for each time.

Rafael van Herck took the internationally known Dutch illusionist to court for stealing his ‘head drop’ and ‘hand through the body’ tricks. Klok is now banned from using the tricks anywhere in the world as the court awarded copyright protection for the tricks to the Belgian.

Van Herck claimed the costume and the tricks were used without his permission. The judge rejected his claim to the costume.

In Klok’s defence the Dutch illusionist said both the tricks and the costume belonged to the public domain. Van Herck claimed that Klok used “original variants" created by him and “special characteristics” in the costume. The two illusionists worked on the trick together for many years.

It is uncertain whether Van Herck will negotiate a compensation deal with his Dutch counterpart.

Klok’s lawyer called the ruling a "pyrrhic victory", as with a bit of work his client could create his own unique routine.

Klok used the tricks in his Circus Hurricane tour in the Netherlands, which has already ended. But they were due to be used in a new tour in Germany in December. It is not clear whether he will adapt the routines.

The case was heard behind closed doors at Van Herck’s request, as he wanted the details of the trick to remain a secret.

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