Dutch households asked help sniff out cannabis plantations

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Around 30,000 households in Rotterdam and The Hague are being asked to help sniff out cannabis plantations in their cities. The two city councils have distributed 15,000 scented cards smelling of marijuana plants so that they can recognise what a plantation smells like. The idea is to involve the community in uncovering cannabis plantations has come from energy company Eneco. In 2006 and 2007, the company distributed scratch cards smelling of gas to 1.8 million customers, so that residents know what a gas leak smells like. The initiative for the cannabis cards has been taken by the national taskforce against organised cannabis growing.

”Cannabis plantations are a nuisance,” says a spokesperson from Rotterdam city council. “They cause fires now and then or cause flooding damage. We want to warn people against this.” Every year, a couple of hundred plantations are discovered in the city of Rotterdam. In The Hague, 250 cannabis plantations were dismantled last year. This year, 132 had already been found by the end of August.

The card also gives other information on how to discover cannabis plantations. For instance the buzzing sound of ventilators, a house where the curtains are always closed and uninhabitable buildings or where people are only seen sporadically.

For the time being the projects are trials, but if they are successful, all households could receive scented cards. The cards will be sent to households in The Hague and Rotterdam in November.

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  • Kevin posted:

    on 18th October 2010, 00:44:51 - Reply

    This is the kind of nonsense of turning neighbors on each other, and releasing propoganda full of lies, that I would expect in America. These local Dutch governments are giving me the feeling that maybe moving to Holland was a bad idea?
  • William posted:

    on 16th October 2010, 20:00:49 - Reply

    Could not agree more! How is is possible that only 65 years later, NSB 'tell on your neighbour' practices are promoted like it is the most common thing in the world? I have the feeling Dutch people ARE willing to participate to this madness. They are all Wilders fanitics gone crazy now!
  • Snitch posted:

    on 16th October 2010, 11:52:24 - Reply

    Oh look, let's all play dob-in-your-neighbour, just like many of us did in the war, to the Gestapo. What fun!
    And let's all get ID cards and fingerprinted, just like in the war, by the Nazis. How lovely!
    Oh, to what low levels the Dutch have sunk!