Dutch healthcare institutions ready for flu pandemic

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Over 1,000 healthcare institutions polled say ample measures have been implemented to ensure care for the patients would not be compromised in the event of a flu pandemic.

The Netherlands – Dutch healthcare institutions are well prepared for a flu pandemic, says the healthcare inspectorate and the inspectorate for youth care.

The conclusion reached by the inspectorates is based on a questionnaire filled out by 1,155 hospitals, GP practices, nursing homes, ambulance services, home care, youth care, disability, psychiatric and other care institutions.

The larger healthcare institutions have made ample preparations while it is mainly the smaller healthcare institutions that do not have a plan.

The survey shows that 82 percent of healthcare institutions have a continuity plan in place which will enable them to continue to function properly even if faced with large numbers of flu cases.

The inspectors also noted that good anti-infection measures had been implemented.

About 97 percent institutions polled indicate they will be ready by 15 October.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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