Dutch government urged not to criminalise illegal aliens

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Social organisations, trade unions, churches and local councils have presented a joint statement against a cabinet plan to make staying in the Netherlands illegally a criminal offence. The statement was signed by about 10,000 people.

The signatories say the planned measure is disproportionate. Dzsingisz Gabor, the chair of the umbrella organisation of Dutch refugee organisations, says it is wrong to treat illegal aliens as criminals.

According to Mr Gabor, the government believes the intended measure will make it easier to deport illegal aliens. However, he argues that it will only push illegal aliens into crime.

Trade union federation FNV says the government’s plan will complicate its fight against exploitation of illegal workers. The union says there can be all kinds of reasons why people have no documentation. A spokesperson said:

In their statement, the organisations also say that criminalising illegal aliens would violate international treaties.


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