Dutch government to set green energy percentage

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From 2015 onward the government will determine what percentage of electricity in the Netherlands must be 'green'. Legislation will take effect that year allowing the government to set the level annually. 

Hans Anders, chair of the energy providers association EnergieNed, said this gives the government the key to control the tempo of the move to sustainable energy sources.   The Dutch government, the business community and social organisations have agreed a Green Deal, which changes the state’s role in the energy sector. The government will halt subsidies for types of sustainable energy which are not profitable.  Instead it will promote competition and free market forces in energy production. 

Suppliers will incorporate the higher costs of green energy in their pricing, but it’s expected that competition will lead to lower prices than have been achieved by subsidies.    Biomass and land-based wind turbines will be the main sources of sustainable energy. Agreements have been made to use biomass in coal-fired plants, new locations will be sought for land-based turbines and permits will be easier to obtain.       

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    And we all end up paying for this madness!!