Dutch firms eager again to expand abroad

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Dutch companies are again eager to expand their activities abroad and are confident they will be successful in doing so, says BDO Accountants and Consultants after interviewing a number of captains of industry.

Companies, the report finds, consider the economic crisis over, boosting confidence and opening up fresh opportunities abroad.

Real expectations Companies are particularly keen, BDO says, on the so-called BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Another country attracting interest is Germany, where the economy is doing well. BDO describes the companies´ expectations as "realistic".

Over 95 percent of Dutch companies, the report finds, express confidence that their foreign expansion will be successful. Around half of the CEOs interviewed say this year they want to expand their foreign operations more aggressively than in the preceding ones. Around two-thirds of foreign-based companies have similar plans.

Innovation Dutch companies prove to have a more innovative approach than foreign ones. Around 30 percent of Dutch companies as opposed to 15 percent of foreign firms want to expand outside their own branch or product.

BDO also looked at the obstacles companies encounter when expanding abroad. Finding suitable staff, it is felt, is the main hurdle, followed by finding reliable partners and suppliers. One of the managers notes in this regard: "Don't start abroad before having the right people in the right place and before finding reliable partners. Everything else can be solved."


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