Dutch fair goes gay on Monday

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On Monday, the annual 10-day funfair in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg will go pink for 24 hours to mark the event’s Gay Day.

Homosexual men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people from all over the world flock to the city on the fair’s Gay Day, known in Dutch as Tilburg’s Pink Monday. They will be able to enjoy the over 200 “daredevil attractions” on offer in the city centre which make up what has been called Europe’s biggest fairground.

The Tilburg Fun Fair has taken place for centuries, but its Gay Day was only introduced in 1991. A year earlier, gays had taken the initiative to lay claim to the fair’s only Monday, which had up to then been a low point of the event. Their idea was officially taken up by the fair’s organisers the following year and Gay Day is now one of the event’s highlights.

On Monday, Dutch Rail NS is even organising a special ‘gay express’ from The Hague to Tilburg. There will be a karaoke service on board, allowing revellers to serenade each other with their favourite songs en route.

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