Dutch enjoy holidays in Netherlands

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More and more Dutch are spending short holidays and taking day trips in their own country.

14 January 2008

UTRECHT – More and more Dutch are spending short holidays and taking day trips in their own country. The survey among visitors to the Holiday Fair 2008 conducted by trade fair organisation VNU Exhibitions shows an increase in the number of people who plan to stay in the Netherlands for their holidays: from 43 percent last year to 54 percent this year.

The organisation of the fair announced this on Sunday.

The Dutch still to prefer to spend their longest holiday each year abroad: 51 percent travel to a destination somewhere in Europe, 47 percent go further afield.

Only 2 percent spend their longest vacation each year in the Netherlands. 86 percent of those asked said they go on holiday two or more times each year. That is considerably more than last year, when only 75 percent took two or more holidays.

The five-day Holiday Fair drew 135,000 visitors this last weekend, somewhat fewer than last year, when 138,000 attended the fair.

Fewer survey respondents than last year said they planned to use the internet to plan their trip this year. 22 percent will do so, compared to 33 percent last year.

The most popular holiday destinations continued to be France and Italy, Greece rose several positions on the list to third place.

Scandinavia came in fourth place, and Spain fifth. Eastern Europe, which came in third place last year, has disappeared from the top 5, as has Germany.

Unusual holiday destinations like Rwanda, Colombia and Moldavia held stands at the fair this year, along with first time participants Macedonia, Armenia and Georgia.

"There is an incredible amount of interest in these holiday destinations," said a spokesperson. "It is not the case however that thousands of people are going to immediately book trips to these destinations. It is the pioneers who are asking for information at the moment."

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  • Abs posted:

    on 16th January 2008, 16:19:32 - Reply

    Of course more people "prefer" to spend holiday in the country... after all, with less money to spend, less and less people can afford going somewhere abroad!