Dutch divided over bin Laden death

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One in three Dutch citizens would have preferred to see Osama bin Laden put on trial rather than shot dead. The leader of the al-Qaeda terror network was killed by US Special Forces in a raid on his home in Abbottaba, Pakistan on Monday. 

A survey by pollster Maurice de Hond shows that 63 percent of voters from the Democratic Party D66 and the Green Left party would have preferred a trial compared to only 26 percent of Freedom Party supporters. Among voters of the conservative VVD and the Christian Democratic CDA, the percentages were 21 and 18 respectively. Four in ten Labour Party voters wanted the late al-Qaeda leader to face trial. 

Fifteen percent of those surveyed expect retaliatory terrorist attacks will be carried out in the Netherlands soon, whereas 75 percent expect terrorist attacks to take place elsewhere in the world. About 11 percent do not believe bin Laden was killed or even found.

A slim majority of 55 percent believe the allies should withdraw from Afghanistan. 

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