Dutch criminals can get ammo easily

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Research commissioned by the Dutch police warns that the illegal trade in ammunition is too attractive a proposition for criminals in the Netherlands. People licensed to use firearms can buy bullets for about 25 eurocents each. On the black market they go for up to 3 euros.

It is too easy for members of shooting clubs and hunters to sell munitions to criminals, contends Marsha de Vries of Twente University. They can keep as many as 10,000 pieces of ammunition under lock and key at home, and police are limited in their powers to check these private arsenals.

The research indicates that present law and police checks are inadequate, while lists of sales made by weapons traders are not scrutinised properly by the authorities. “It appears that criminals in the Netherlands can get hold of ammunition really easily,” says Ms De Vries.

The KNSA Royal Dutch Shooting Association, which has 43,000 members, describes the research as “a botched job and not worthy of a university”.

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