Dutch cities raise Tibetan flag

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Many Dutch cities will commemorate the Tibetan National Uprising Tuesday by waving the Tibetan flag.

THE HAGUE—Tuesday 10 March is an important day for Tibetans. It marks the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising against Chinese occupation. Many Dutch cities will raise the Tibetan flag in commemoration. Lelystad, Noordwijk, Waalre and Zeewolde are among the participating cities.

The Tibet Support Group (TSG-NL) has asked all cities in the Netherlands to raise the colorful red, yellow and blue Tibetan flag. Dutch cities aren’t alone in their symbolic show of support. Activities will also be organized in Germany, Switzerland and India.

To the disappointment of the Dutch political party GroenLinks (Green Left), the Tibetan flag won’t fly in Apeldoorn. A spokesperson for neighbouring city Deventer explained the lack of participation by stating: “We don’t want to get mixed up in such questions.”

Voicing support for Tibet or Tibetans isn’t highly regarded by the Chinese regime.

Approximately 20 Dutch Tibetans are going on a 24-hour hunger strike, starting on Monday. They will come together at the Maitreya Institute in Amsterdam to begin their fast. Tuesday afternoon at 12 o’clock on Het Plein in The Hague the hunger strikers will join other supporters to voice their support for Tibet. They expect to be joined by many members of the Dutch Tibetan community.

NRC Handelsblad/Lila Lundquist/Expatica

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    Let's hear it for the Tibetan fascists! The sooner an autocratic, dictatorial regime based on serfdom, slavery and irrational, pseudo-magical, medieval religious beliefs is restored to that country the better!